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Pick Six Magic

By Gordon Easton

Every horseracing fan knows that when it comes to winning a fortune at the track, nothing comes close to the granddaddy of all horse racing wins—the pick six.

Unfortunately, most people never have a real chance to win a pick six. This is because they do not have the hundreds of dollars required to put a lot of horses on a single ticket.

And, if they bet many $2.00 tickets instead… they are likely to do so in a haphazard manner. This can lead to several tickets with 3 or 4 winners… but none with all 5 on one ticket.

Unfortunately, putting all of your winning selections on one ticket is the only way to guarantee a ticket with all 5-or-6 winners… and a fat cash jackpot… but this can cost a fortune.

Mathematically Precise Pick Six Formulas

However, thanks to the miracle of advanced mathematics, I can show you how to drastically whittle down the odds against you winning this jackpot, while slashing the amount of money you will have to bet in order to do so.

In fact, by using any one of my mathematically precise pick six formulas, you are guaranteed to line up at least five winners on one ticket if you get a winner from among all your picks in each race.

You will also have a far better chance of hitting the pick six for the big win.

That’s right: If you get a winner in each race, even if they are on different race cards, you are guaranteed to line up at least five winners on one card… and possibly even six… just as long as you follow my system.

Best of all, you can cover many more horses and possible results without spending a fortune.

Just plug your picks for each race into the formula... and buy your tickets. It's that simple.

To put all of these horses on one ticket would cost you $216. Using my formula, you can cover these same horses for only $24.

Pick-Six Formula #1

Formula #1 Covers:

  • 4 horses in 1 race…

  • 3 horses in each of 3 races…

  • 1 single in each of two races (your most likely winners).

This will guarantee you a Pick 5 or Pick 6 win if any one of your picks in each race comes in.

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Gordon Easton is the author of "Handicapping Secrets of the Horse Racing Fanatic"… the result of more than four decades of fanatical dedication to horse racing handicapping, combined with some of the most advanced mathematical betting formulations ever invented. This is vital information that every horseracing fan should read before ever placing another bet. Highly recommended.

  February 22


The first weekend at the track after reading your book I won $2,600.00!

Thanks for all the great information.

Ronald Kelley
Los Angeles, CA


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